Spindle Relay

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  • The spindle has an internal thermistor that needs to be wired to a relay in your cabinet. That relay is in turn connected to one of the robot's DIs, and the custom software you're running checks for the DI to be on before it will let you run the robot. Most likely when the spindle got swapped, the thermistor didn't get wired back in correctly. I recommend contacting your integrator (https://shapeprocessautomation.com/ - SPA, formerly known as DRS, KMT, or RPT) and asking for a wiring diagram for your system. If you are in an absolute bind you can find which DI is the thermistor relay signal, it should be labled "Thermistor Fault." You can simulate it ON and run that way until you get it wired back in correctly, but doing so will remove the spindle's thermal protection.

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