How to parameterize that the KUKA robot is on top when the robot is commissioned?

  • Hello.

    A month ago I finished a PLC-program to control equipment (Siemens S7-1500 + KUKA + other modules), one part of which was a robot KUKA.

    Now the customer wants to change the configuration in the KUKA robot. The robot is attached at the top, but it is parameterized as below.

    The customer says to completely delete everything old KUKA configuration and re-create the new KUKA configuration.

    I have found that it is possible to change the cell configuration, but the customer says it is not possible.

    I don't know how to configure the robot from above.

    Can you please tell me how to parameterize that the KUKA robot is on top when the robot is commissioned?

    Thank you.

  • First of all you need to consider whether your robot can be used on ceiling and on floor. Suprisingly enough this is not guaranteed. E.g. every robot with counter balancing system can not change its mounting. The same is true for every robot with absolute accuracy.

    Then I would consider customer expectations. In my opinion swapping only the mounting and expecting everything will work out of the box exactly the same is dilusional.

    If your robot does not fit in the above categories you can change the mounting by swapping the mounting setting to the required mounting inside WorkVisual.

    Unfortunatly WorkVisual does not hinder you to configure nonsense here. E.g. it allows you to mount any pallettizer on the ceiling if is obvious bullshit because then you would have to pallettize on the ceiling.


  • Thanks for the quick response.

    Where is this parameterized?

    Can you show me the document or take a screenshot?

  • What exactly do you mean by "this" in "Where is this parameterized?"?

    - You mean the machine data that put the robot on ceiling or floor: $ERSYSROOT in R1/$machine.dat


    - Robot has a counter balance system: Look at real robot. If there is cylindrical object mounted on axis 2 it has a cbs


    - the robot has absolute accuracy: type $ABS_ACCUR in diplay -> variable -> single or open robot info page on HMI. If it has absolute accurcy it should read positionla accurate robot approximatly in the upper left corner


    - ???


  • Thanks.

    I just don't know where and what parameters to change.

    I'm trying to find out.

    What do I need to change exactly to make the system think the robot is at the top?
    I attach a picture of my robot from catalog.

    Thank you.

  • Your screenshot in the line left to your red marking (under the hood this exactly $ERSYSROOT). Set A,B,C values such that the coordinate system is on the ceiling.


    setting C = -180 or +180 will put your robot in the ceiling


    setting A = -180 or +180 will put your robot in the ceiling

    which one you chose is up to you. Basically it should be the version so all installations in your cell refer to a joint inertial coordinate system also often called World if needed.


  • Thank you

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