S4C+ M2000 won’t boot

  • Hi all,

    S4C+ M2000 will not boot up.

    Teach pendant reads:


    Startup in progress.

    and counts up indefinitely with out ever fully booting.

    I don’t have another teach pendant to try but it seems ok.

    I’ve cycled the power several times.

    The robot has not been powered up in approx 2 years.

    Here are my LED's


    On the Power Supply I am green.


    On the DSQC 509

    En: Nothing

    MS: Green

    NS: Nothing


    DSQC 504




    PWR: Green

    HDD: Nothing

    Status: Flashing green


    Can anyone please advise?

    Thank you.

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  • Your boot image is corrupt. Look in manuals sub forum for procedure to delete boot image.

    Hi Lemster,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Your manual shows a null modem cable, can this be done with a usb to serial converter?

    Can it also be done through the RJ45 service port on the front of the controller?


  • You probably need to use a null adapter. Get a slim DB9M/F Null modem adapter and slim DB9F/F & DB9M/M adapters too. I used to go thru 4 or 5 Null adapters a year handing them out to controls & maintenance folks. The old QVS # PSDB9X.

    I always had an old XP laptop to use HyperTerminal but did have a Win7 running TeraTerm and a USB>232 at one time. Panasonic Toughbooks and several other rough service can still provide Com ports. They're much cheaper if bought used.

  • Ok so I followed the manual and it seemed to work in that I got the same responses as the manual.

    However, after entering 'reboot', after a few minutes, the Status led changes from solid red to flashing green again and I get the following responses:

    /// Bootloader 1.1/8 Nov 24 1999, 00:20:32 ///

    disk 0:0 ATA STI Flash 6.1.0

    disk 0:1 unknown type


    system: '/hd0a'

    release: '/hd0a'

    Loading module /hd0a/bin/mc 1608728 + 60144 + 1028576

    Loaded configuration /hd0a/mc.cfg

    Starting at 0x108000...

    Starting RTC synchronization of system time...

    /hd0a/ - Volume is OK

    Phys mem : 0x1fff000

    Perm pool : 0xa00000 @ 0x15ff000

    LocalCA mem : 0x18000 @ 0x88000

    LocalSM mem : 0x8000 @ 0x80000

    Local mem : 0x15ff000.

    BSP version : 1.1/15

    Creation date: May 19 2005 02:55:55

    Main network : fei0 00:01:af:0a:cf:dd

    Executing startup script /hd0a/bin/mc.bat ...

    mRouteAdd "","",0xffffffe0,0,0

    value = 0 = 0x0

    sp root_entry,"bin/install.cmd"

    task spawned: id = 0xcb5914, name = t1

    value = 13326612 = 0xcb5914

    System pool was initialized

    Global pool was initialized

    pf_mem_init: Backup battery week = 38.

    Done executing startup script /hd0a/bin/mc.bat

    Status -1 from loadComputer

    21-09-24 09:18:14 MC0: iomgr_remote.c 2729 IoMgrRemoteInit: Can't open the Car2

    Status -1 from invoke IoMgrRemoteInit

    Looks somewhat promising but the teach pendant still sits there counting up.

    Any idea what I should do next?

    It's worth noting that the MC Console port is plugged into a 3HAC030439 remote access unit that I assume ABB used to dial in. Im un plugging it and plugging into my usb to serial which seems to work ok.


  • Yes I entered the xdelete command and got a response. I wish I copied it now but it said something similar to your manual but not exactly the same.

    I then entered the reboot command and the controller would then reboot and I got the above response but the teach pendant still stayed on the counting screen.

  • As you check each DC voltage, switch the DMM to AC mV and make sure there is less than 30mV of AC component (ripple). A higher AC component indicates weak components (usually capacitors) in the power supply. This works for ABB S2 > S4C+ low voltage DC supplies.

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