Problem configuring PROFISafe for RB30+ controller with CP1604 card

  • Hello everyone,

    we're facing very strange problems with the PROFIsafe configuration for one of our Fanuc robots.

    Configuration is done according the Fanuc manuals B-83184EN/12 and B-82864EN/06.

    Profinet is working without any problems.

    On the plc side they are no PROFIsafe errors, on the robot side the PROFISafe status is "Running", iPar_CRC is received and matched, but the controller is showing "SRVO-419 DCS PROFIsafe comm. error 1,1.". Syncronisation of the safe inputs/outputs is also not working.

    The CP1604 is configured with TIA Portal, with PROFIsafe norm v2.4 (3 Byte CRC) enabled.

    We tried v2.6.1(4 Byte CRC) also, but in that case we had lot more errors on the robot side.

    Controller: RB30+

    Software: V9.30P / 7DF3

    CP1604: Firmware 2.7.2 from Fanuc

    GSD: Created with TIA Portal v16

    I have attached some screenshots from our setup on the robot and plc.

    Any advice will be very helpful, our local Fanuc support couldn't also help us so far.

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  • DS186 no we didn't program any reintegration logic on the plc.

    We have other PROFISafe devices in the project and we are using F_ACK_GL for them.

    I couldn't find any reference for setting up the reintegration for CP1604, in the FANUC manuals there is also nothing about this.

  • Hello DS186,

    I integrated the Safety reintegration for the CP1604 as described in the manual and the connection issues disappeared.

    As you mention ACK_GL should also work, but we hadn't the robot safety I/Os nowhere in our safety program.

    Thank you very very much!! You save me another week of headaches:))

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