Change Fanuc Robot coordinates

  • Hello guys,

    So I'm teaching 2000iB fanuc robot to do a circular movement and sometimes I have to move up along Z axis by 3 cm to do the same circular movement.

    my question is do I have to teach the new points over again or is there a method to change the coordinates of the z axis of each point ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • As HawkME said - prepare the PR and then us it as an offset, eg.:

    PR[1,1] = 0 -> X coord

    PR[1,2] = 0 -> Y coord

    PR[1,3] = 30 -> Z coord that you wanted to shift

    PR[1,4] = 0 -> W coord

    PR[1,5] = 0 -> P coord

    PR[1,6] = 0 -> R coord

    J P[1] 25% FINE Offset, PR[1] -> this moves P[1] i Z coord +30mm (User frame).

    Then you just need to play a bit with PRs making other shifts, when you need them.

    That's all :)

  • Thank you sir for taking the time to explain, I'm new but I will try that for sure.

  • Hey,

    A simple way to to this is teach the points you want to shift, for example you can use points P[1], P[2], p{3], etc.

    Now make a copy of these points in the position registers using command -> PR[1] = P[1]

    Then you can use the following command to shift the point by as many times as you need ->

    PR[GP1:1,3] = PR[GP1:1,3]-10

    Here, GP is the group that you are using, for manipulator it is 1 generally, and you can add if you are adding more external axes. 1,3 tells that you want to shift 'Point 1' in z direction (3 is for z direction, x-1, y-2,z-3). Finally 10 at the end tells you need to move down by 10mm.

    After this command you can give a motion command using PR and can change it further if you need to repeat the motion multiple times.

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