emergency stop inoperative

  • Hello Everyone,

    I need some of your help.

    I just have a problem now with the KRC4 Controller box. Some background: we are using this KRC4 connected with an Indracontrol l25 PLC through Profinet and it works fine without any problem for already about 1.5 years. And this problem appears recently.

    The error is shown in the picture. It appears when I start the KRC4. And what I found strange is, there is not such kind of problem before and it appears like nothing has been changed. More weird is after several times restart both KRC4 and PLC and uncharge the power, it turns to be normal and the error will just disappear by itself. But the next day, when I go back to work and turn the KRC4 and PLC on, this error appears again and I need to restart them several times again to hopefully get rid of it. One month before, it appears like 1 time in a week(assuming that I am using it every day), but now it appears just like an old friend and says "Hello" to us every day.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • The message in the main part of the screen is the key. For some reason, the connection between the SmartPad and the KRC has been disrupted. As the message says, turning the Mode Select keyswitch should reset the connection. No reboot needed.

    The E-Stop message is merely a side effect. The E-Stop on the SmartPad is a network device to the KRC. Thus, when the network needs a reset, that E-Stop is not usable.

    As to the root cause of this issue, it could be several things. The most likely culprit is the SmartPad cable, since that sees a lot of motion and tension.

  • robots are machines and as such require maintenance as everything has wear and tear.

    if you did nothing for a long time, that could explain the problems. for example dead batteries could cause improper shutdown and therefore corruption of any open file(s). so the next boot could be a coin toss...

    teach pendant is a device that serves as point of control but it is not a controller, it is just access point for humans. real robot controller is KRC. teach pendant communicates with KRC (normally) but if there is a problem, teach pendant will only show some very basic info as in your case. since teach pendant cannot exchange data with the controller any more, EStop button that is on the teach pendant has no effect. and that is clearly stated.

    btw image shows that connection is terminated (on purpose) since there ware communication errors. this could be hardware or software related.

    image also shows that to recover one can try turning the mode switch.

    but that's about it - it does not offer much to go on.

    for details you still need to try to see the the actual HMI that runs on the controller (not on smartPad) and this means either connecting external monitor to KRC or doing whatever it takes (rebooting?) until the HMI is displayed on teach pendant again.

    then look through messages that KRC displays (not smartPad). sometimes even messages shown on HMI are not enough. so the best bet is to just collect KRCDiag and forward it to KUKA. that will contain logs (hardware and software) etc.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

    • Helpful

    If you have a other pendant in hand switch pendant and observe if you have connection problems with the new pendant.

    Also look

    1-Look for pinch on your cable

    2- Turn off our controller and unplug and plug pendant (loose connection)

    3- Bad batch of pendant ( 1 or 2 pendant two year ago have some issue)

    4- I did see once a cable slide-out from inside the pendant, cable restrain did not make is job.

    and other cause hardware and software

  • Thank you all for the information and help. The problem is solved by plugin one of the loose wire, as described by ORB. Thank you very much!

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