Commanding LR-Mate with python scripts

  • Hi,

    I am new to robot programming and working on FANUC LR-Mate200di/4S robot. I do understand the basics of the vision process and TP programming for picking and placing objects detected by a camera mounted at the robot cell. I want to do some more please see the attached picture.

    the aim is to control robot movement and picking tasks from the cloud and generating alerts if the robot is unable to approach a specified position. There are two apps in the work scene App1 and App2. App2 will be controlling the robot by processing the data obtained by App1.

    As the robot operation is based on vision so App1 needs to pull some data from the robot related to image, vision registers, U/T frames, and position register which will be utilized by App2 for computing possible forward/inverse kinematics solutions, analyzes and reports the reachability of positions, and validate trajectories given by the AI algorithm running in App2 and based on selected trajectory movement instructions will be created and send to the App1 which command the robot to move to verified picking position.

    I need the following data from the robot for App1:

    1. Snap image data (Not sure, this data is possible to extract or not)
    2. Positions of the detected object (as far as I understand from the manual, this information is available in the vision register)
    3. status of system variables (specifically related to robot reachability), for example, if an object is placed at the corner of the solitaire board, where the robot cannot reach, and the robot does not move, and the user is warned by the alarm on teaching pendant
    4. VR and PR data
    5. UF and UT frames

    please provide detailed answers or direct to good resources.

    How App1 can extract the above-mentioned data using a script(python is preferable) based on TCP/IP? also is it possible to invoke a Robot service routine based on the same script by utilizing TCP/IP?

    What is Karel programming? can I get a sample startup code from you? any manual available for Karel programming

    also, if possible, i need a startup code to establish a socket connection with the robot through a python script.


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