Offset movements

  • Hello Everybody,

    This is my first question here and I hope I'll do it clearly.

    The controller is KRC4, with KUKA System Software 8.6

    I'd like to make few Positions in my program using relative movements, in order to avoid extra teaching for some points.

    I've only found lin_rel{}, but that only makes a relative movement from the actual position.

    I need to move the Robot to a given point with offs in one axis, for example :

    From (Home) To (Z=50 from (PICKUP)), while PICKUP point is already existing.

    * I don't want to modify the base of PICKUP point because that will modify all points that belong to that base!

    You have sure some Ideas that can help me... ;)

    Thank you in Advance!

  • Geometric Operator: ":" Performs a cross-multiplication of the matrices of two POS or FRAME type variables.


    Offset in Tool coordinates:

    PTP P1

    LIN_REL {Z -10} #TOOL

    ends at the same position as:

    LIN P1 : {X 0,Y 0,Z -10,A 0,B 0,C 0}

    Offset in Base coordinates:

    PTP P1

    LIN_REL {Z -10}

    ends at the same location as

    LIN {X 0,Y 0,Z -10,A 0,B 0,C 0} : P1

  • Hello SkyFire,

    Thank you for your answer. yes, I did it also in a similar way. The problem was that the Home Point (start point) had been taught based on Frame zero and the endpoint had another frame. so I set my Frames before doing the offset in order to have the right shifting and it worked. In Order to avoid repetition, I did it as a function and I called this function each time I need in my program.
    Best regards

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