How to connect DX200 robot with NX100 robot

  • Dear Sirs,

    we need to connect robot MH80II with DX200 controller (as primary) to robot ES200 NX100 (as slave-as manipulator). Idea is to conrol both simultaniously with TP of DX200. Is that possible?

    Thank you in advance!

  • If you say so, than I have to believe it.

    Is there some other simple option to connect these two robots lets say to program each robot with its own TP, and then run programs and check/start/stop/pause programs through I/O over ethernet cable?

    So there would be no synchro moves but more as an indexing manipulator.

    Thank you.

  • Sure, you could run a hardwired cable between the two and have I/O passed between them. You could also pass I/O signals through Ethernet IP between them and a plc.

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