Error message 20074

  • hi all, can anyone shed some light on this error code.

    Teach pendant says 20074 command not allowed in guard stop state.

    When im in a programme, in manual and try to press fwd, the teach pendant keeps coming up with this code. Im holding the button in half way like i shoud be.

    If i was to put the robot in automatic to run the program it comes up with the same code 20074 command not allowed in stop state.

    I cannot even move the robot in jogging or send it home as the same code comes up.

    Ive checked all of the emergency stops etc, wires and switches to the guard locks. Ive even opened up the teach pendant to see if theres a problem with switch but all seems to be working.

    All the circuit board lights are showing up green.

    Crash sensor has also been checked.

    Any help would be much appreciated

  • im unsure whether it is a general stop state.

    I programmed the robot to weld a bracket. With arcweld blocked.

    I then ran to make sure all the angles were correct. From the home position i pressed in the dead mans switch half way and pressed start. Robot did the trial weld. The robot followed the program and went back to the home position.

    The program needed adjusting slightly so i held in the dead mans switch again and pressed foward but then the teach pendant threw up the error code and has ever since in manual and auto

  • thats one of the things im scratching my head at..

    When its in manual mode and i press foward it comes up with the code. Try to run auto and get the same. No other codes displayed on manual or auto.

    When i press check, nothing else displayed.

    I even opened the calibration program to check the robot axis markers and press start to run the program. Same code comes up. Tried again in manual. Same again. Honestly... its a real pain

  • Check the DSQC256A System board LEDs when you pull in the deadman and verify the 'GS' is LED is on.

    The System board LEDs only monitor the 24V side of the dual run-chain, so if it's on, the problem is likely on the 0V side of the run-chain.

    General Safeguard Stop is XT3-A5 to A6 for the 24V chain and XT3-B5 to B6 for the 0V chain.

    S4 M94-M96 run-chain and other jumper connections at terminal XT3 in bottom left corner:

    A: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 (24V run-chain)

    B: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 (0V run-chain)

    C: 1-2

    D: 1-2

    Also: C16-C7-D7

  • hi, thanks.

    A quick update.... Now fixed!!!

    Ive opened up the cabinet and checked at the above. With the wiring diagrams and using a multimeter i checked the relevent voltages. All seems to be ok. I replaced the batteries.

    Our robot has an emergency stop on the teach pendant. Another on the cabinet and an external emergency stop next to our turn table. We also have an entry door to the robot. I checked all of these.

    I then locked the table using the shot bolt and closed the entry door. I pressed on and off multiple times. Cleared the error messages in the log.

    I then pressed misc button and pressed service and restarted the teach pendant.

    No error codes are displayed and the robot is now jogging on manual and i can now weld on auto.

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