Industrial robot simulation software

  • Hello,

    I have to work on a 3D simulation of a pick and place robot (from a SolidWorks model) that takes pieces from a belt conveyor and places them on another one. I was looking for the different robot simulation software available. I found some software like Coppelia Sim, Webots, Gazebo, RoboDK or Isaac sim that seems good but I'm a bit lost on what would work the best for this task.

    Have you any recommendations, or some in-depth comparison between the different simulation software to share? In terms of pricing, learning curve, active community/forum/video tutorials, documentation, performance, if it is industrial robotics oriented or not, graphics, min timestamp, possibility to run simulation live with a real robot? etc...

    Thank you

  • kamtah

    Changed the title of the thread from “Industrial robotics” to “Industrial robot simulation software”.
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