System Variable Write Protect

  • Hello, I am trying to move my robot and am constantly getting an MOTN-023 In singularity fault. It will move in joint but not in any coordinate. I have discovered a system variable in the $MRR_GRP[1] that reads- $SNGLRTY_STP= TRUE . This is different than the other robot I have that is not having this issue. When I try to change it to false it says= variable/field is write protected. Any ideas how to get the write protect off of a system variable? I wasn't even aware you could put write protect on them.

  • Just manual jogging the robot. After a bit I was able to discover that besides the regular J4 and J5(I belive) that cause singularity. If the robot is almost a perfect L it will give the fault everytime. To remedy this I drove every joint 10° to ensure all joints were at least somewhat bent. After that all movement opened up. We had previously only done this with J4 and J5 and had no luck. Singularity happens when a robot has infinite ways to reach a position and instead of picking on it just kinda stops so I guess it makes sense.

  • Yes thank you that's pretty much what we had to do. We had to move three joints to get it out of the condition but it finally came back to life!

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