Finding solution plan for simulate gripper.

  • Hello everyone I'm a graduate university student from Thailand, I'm very new to this robot forum and robotic programming.

    I'm working on the project similar to this YouTube Link (Pick up tool and put it on Helitronic Walter machine) :

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    I have already finished the concept design for my parallel pneumatic gripper and drawing.

    I'm have Kuka Kr6 R700 Sixx robot instead of Fanuc robot. Now I try to simulate the robot by using offline program (RoboDK) but I have no idea where to start and what program will suit the purpose of the gripper. So it would be please if anyone could advise me what should I have or programming plan before start to simulate the robot to achieve the similar work process in the Youtube video.

    Right now the gripper is on the production process, So i couldn't connect the gripper to the robot yet.

    So I wish to ask you guy for advise what are suitable offline simulate program and what do I need to have before I do simulating. What programming plan I could follow in order to create the program that will run my Kuka robot and gripper.

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  • Depends entirely on the control and actuation of the gripper. KUKA doesn't have dedicated programs or I/O for grippers, you can use whatever you like.

    IIRC, the Sixx robots have some built-in I/O and pneumatic valves with ports on the "forearm" between the elbow and wrist. That might be the simplest approach.

    How many different valves will your gripper need to actuate? How many different feedback sensors will it have?

    Based on your screenshot, I'm going to guess at one part-present sensor, and an Open/Closed sensor on each actuator cylinder. That would be 5 inputs. And if both fingers operate together, just one (double-sided) valve.

    KUKAbots allow you to set up your I/O in almost any way you like. So if, for the sake of argument, you map the I/O for the gripper to the first byte of the $IN and $OUT table, a KRL program for handling the gripper could be as simple as this:

    In your RoboDK output, you could simply insert a call to one of these subroutines at the correct locations.

  • Thank you very much sir that is very helpful

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