Need welding setup advice - ArcMate 120iB

  • I'm integrating my first weld cell right now; using an ArcMate 120iB with a Powerwave 455M to weld frames out of 1"x1" 16ga box tubing. There are eight butt welds and twelve fillet welds per weldament, all welds are vertical. The steel tube I'm welding is primed and oiled. I have very limited experience welding and no previous experience with robotic welding.

    I have two problems, one is excessive spatter and the other is blow through; I'm probably blowing out ~5% of my fillet welds and ~10% of my butts. I'm hoping that one of yall with more experience could take a quick look at my setup and let me know if you see anything obvious that I could change to help with the problems. I've attached a few photos of blown out welds, and one of the spatter build up on the jig after about 10-15 welds.

    The process is GMAW-P, .045 wire, 75/25 AR/CO2 @ 25cfh

    Wire feed 160ipm fillet, 140ipm butt

    Trim .7 fillet, .5 butt

    Travel speed 12ipm both

    Circle weave on both, 3 hz / 3mm

    I'm establishing an arc with no movement for .12s, then starting the weave for .38s, then starting the travel. The torch is oriented 20° down from horizontal, welding from top to bottom. The majority of the welds look great; but like I said some blow through and there's way more spatter than when we hand weld using a MIG welder.


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