Installing a robot in a hot enviroment

  • I need to run an LR Mate 200Id in an environment where the ambient temperature is about 90 degrees F if no workpiece is present. If a workpiece (~275 deg) is present, other metal objects in the vicinity and at the same distance the base of the (inverted) robot will be reach a surface temperature of about 130 degrees.

    The robot has plenty of cycle time and will move with an average of lets say 500 mm/s and have a duty cycle of less than 50%. The load is 3 kg.

    Will that work or do I need to implement some sort of cooling? I have to be careful with external fans, as I am not allowed to blow it on the workpiece. Any other recommendations? Do they make some kind off cooling jackets or something similar?

    If it is not ok, what do I have to be afraid off? Will the robot stop moving if it senses it is overheating? Is that a based on a variable that I can change? (i would want to move it away from the workpiece before stopping).

  • In Roboguide you can simulate the cycle and ambient temp and it will estimate if the servo's will overheat. Just make sure to include a wait command to account for duty cycle.

    On some robots there is an option to add cooling, or you can try removing some of the covers.

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