Communication Fault After Setting Up Group Outputs

  • Greetings.

    I have a problem when trying to set up a new GO.

    GO[21] and GO[22].

    When setting them up they work properley, the DO toggle correctly depending on the value of the Group without trouble. But I get a Communication Fault whenever I try to run in Auto Mode. I tried to set up a different range but the result is the same.

    Actually the Robot functions "halfy" well in Auto Mode, there's a program that runs in Auto as a "Preparation" Routine where the Robot waits in the line:


    But right after the "Preparation" Routine is done and the Operator presses Start in the HMI to start the normal routine, the Robot shows the communication fault.

    This gets fixed by deleting again the GO that we just settled.

    Do you have any experience regarding GO causing communication faults? We have set new GO before in other Robots, but this is the first time this happens to us.

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