Workbench opening safety issue.

  • First i would like to say HELLO to all of You, as it is my first post here.

    I've got an problem with workbench for kuka iiwa.

    I started the new project, by downloading it from controler

    When i try to open safetyconfiguration i've got an error. "Could not open the editor: An unexpected exception was thrown."

    Details of this error looks as follow

    Do u guys have any ideas how to fix that?
    I didn't try to reinstall workbench, because it takes 2 days in my company to install anything...



  • AD
  • Which version of Workbench/OS?

    Are you using Windows 10 on your PC?

    I have had a few issues with Sunrise.Workbench not running correctly when it was not installed properly. From my experience, a simple mistake made the whole software crush. e.g.:

    1. When installing, make sure the path is short. Also keep the names of the options short.

    2. Install as administrator

  • Thanks for Your replay.

    The problem was caused by wrong workbench version. I tought it is compatible backwards but it isnt.
    I found correct version, same as my OS and it works fine.

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