Payload configuration

  • Hi all,

    I'm programming four different 20iD. They all handle the same items with the same tool. So here's the question... It is necessary to calibrate the payload for each one separately? Or is it enough to calibrate one and copy paste to the rest of them?

    **The same happens with the Tool Frame: Do I have to set the four of them separately?

    Hope someone knows about it, I'll save many time

    Thankyou :smiling_face:

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    • Helpful

    Payload is fine to copy paste, but frames should always be taught individually to account for small differences with each robot.

    You are right, but assuming you have identical tools with no mechanical differences and/or only small tolerances, copy paste for the tool frame would also bei okay.

    I think it is also a question about the accuracy that is required in the application.

    However, in case of any doubts, teaching the tool frame is always a good idea.

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