HDD led is off

  • Dear My friend


    I have IRB540 S4P+ paint robot, robot was OFF for long time and when we turn it on the HDD led is off , i remove the motherboard and saw the battery at motherboard (my mean 3 V battery) is empty.

    I replace that but also the robot doesn't com up and HDD is off , please find attach file

    Please instruct me what can i do .

    Many thanks.

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  • Hard drive LED isn't blinking. In the computer unit, reseat the CPU card, Axis PCB, I/O PCB and try it again. Make sure the hard drive is plugged in to the CPU card.

    If the hard drive light still doesn't blink, remove the I/O and axis cards and try again. It won't boot but the hard drive light will blink as it tries. Seen a few times where bad I/O and Axis cards have locked up the backplane bus and kept the hard drive from blinking.

    Feel free to install a new CR2032 coin cell in the CPU card while you have access. It maintains the date & time.

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