KR C1 and KR 150 - Advices

  • Hello,

    I'm a new member on this forum and I need some advices.

    Let introduce myself. I am a senior electronic / embedded software engineer, the company I work for already have some Kuka robot, second hand, for soldering job, etc...

    We have a guy, who programs those robots for basic soldering tasks.

    We just bought an old KR 150 with a KR C1 controller for a special project (no soldering), for this project the robot needs to interact with custom hardware (X11 IO Pins, interrupts ...)

    I am in charge (obviously not in my expertise domain) of programming this robot ...

    I have read a lot of documentation about KRL language (look like Pascal), for this robot, but I don't find which software I need to use to start program it !

    So here is my question, what is the software I need to program it from a 2021 Windows PC ?

    Sorry for my bad English.

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  • There is no special software on PC-side for machines as old. You have two choices: Usage of inline forms or usage of expert KRL. In the first case everything should be programmed using the KCP directly connected to the robot controller. This usually is the preferred option for beginners. In the latter case basically all you need is a text editor. There are syntax highliting plugins for KRL for various editors. Personally I usually used Notepad++ with the syntax highlight plugin provided by KUKA with KRC4 installations. Also you need to think about how to exchange data from yout PC to the KRC1. There are various posibilities (network share, floppy disk, usb Stick, archives, ...). Not all this options might be possible with every KRC1 version. Even being in robotics for more than 20 years KRC1 already was outdated when I started offering basically 1990s technology.


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