DSE watchdog command 1 error 116

  • Hi everyone !
    The robot is a KR2150 floor type

    The error phenomenon: it cannot be operated in either manual or automatic mode.

    The error listed: 116 DSE watchdog command 1

    The error cannot be acknowledged

    Windows and KSS loaded properly, no other errors are listed.

    KPC600, DSE card, memory card replaced, the result is the same.

    MADA files are matched line by line with a similar, but working robot, but there is no difference.

    Before reinstalling an entire system, I want to find out if there is a simpler solution.

    I am interested in all solutions!


    The robot has booted incorrectly several times already, but rebooting always helped. However, this is the first time I see this error and now restarting doesn't help either, the error is always the same.

  • Controller Model? KSS version? Those matter much more than the robot model, in cases like this.

    This suggests a hardware issue. If the DSE has already been replaced, then my next thought would be the MFC card. The RDC, or the DSE/RDC cable, might be another possibility, but I would expect a more RDC-specific error message in that case.

  • Every KRC1 and KRC2 has an MFC card. Without an MFC card, the robot doesn't work. The MFC has, among other things, the X801 connector for the KRC's built-in DeviceNet port.

    The DSE is a smaller card that "piggybacks" on the MFC. It occupies the space for one of the motherboard expansion slots, but does not plug into the motherboard itself.

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