KRC2 control of older Kuka robot arm servo motors

  • Good evening,

    A brief question.

    Does the KRC2 controller is able to drive the servo motors of older (1996 y.p.) robot arm in general.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the answer panik mode.

    Regarding the previous conversation, does it means, the servo motor from older (1996 y.p.) Kuka KR125 robot arm, can be integrated as a servo motor for external axis on the existing KRC2 controller cabinet?

    Also, does the older servo motors cables can be reused to conected these older servos to the KSD1-16/32 external axis driver and existing Kuka KR210 Rdw box?

    Thanks in advance.

  • yes it is possible...

    with few exceptions, most KUKA motors have same two connectors. the exceptions are large motors (with larger size connector) and tiny motors (built into arms of small robots like Agilus). but most motors use size 1...

    and each motor has two connectors. one is for motor+brake and the other is for resolver + motor temperature sensor. this applies to all 1FKxxx motors. older ones are 1FK6xxx, newer ones are 1FK7xxx.

    they are pin compatible.

    so motor side connections are the same but controller connections are not. so one always need to use cable set compatible with controller.

    what you need is motor parameters. those are documented in motor data sheets.

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  • I supposed it will just like you have described.

    By the way, am I wrong that the motor power cable can be directly conected to the KSD1 driver, just to cut the conector at the side that has to go to the KRC2, crimp the wires and conect them to the KSD1 driver, properly. The same with the brake wires connection.

    I'm not sure is it posible to do something similar with the resolver cable, just to change the connector that goes to the Rdw box, not changing the entire cable?

  • The KSD has connections to the internal power bus, the internal Interbus (daisy-chained from the previous KSD), and a connection going out to the servo motor.

    Most normal KRC2s come with 6 KSDs installed, and the internal wiring for KSDs 7&8 built in. You would have to provide your own Interbus cable.

    The cabling from the KSD to the servo motor is usually purchased from KUKA as a kit -- there is a bulkhead socket to add to the bottom of the KRC, with a short hard-wired cable to to plugged into the KSD. Then from the bulkhead connector to the motor, a standard cable is used.

    If you have complete wiring diagrams, and the right cable, and the right connectors, and the correct skill and tool sets, you can probably wire the KSD directly to the motor without the KUKA cable sets. I wouldn't advise it, but electrically it should work.

    The RDW connector is the same. On a "normal" KUKAbot, with no external axes, the RDW board should have two empty sockets for the connector from the motor resolver. Normally, this is purchased from KUKA as a hard-wired cable, and the end with the small flat connector is passed through one of the spare holes in the RDW box (the wire kit comes with a strain relief to seal the hole around the cable). Again, if you have the right diagrams, parts, and tools, you could wire your own. Of course, getting it wrong could be expensive...

  • If you have complete wiring diagrams, and the right cable, and the right connectors, and the correct skill and tool sets, you can probably wire the KSD directly to the motor without the KUKA cable sets. I wouldn't advise it, but electrically it should work.

    Hello SkyeFire,

    Thanks for beeing involved in this topic. Actyally, I'm going to buy an older Kuka robot, as the one in the attached picture, in order to reuse as more as possible parts for my 7-th external axis of the existing KRC2 controll, I have. I'm planning to reuse a servo motor, gear set with a body part, and cables from this older robot.

    The main point of this topic is, is it possible to reuse the mentioned parts from an older robot, such as its servo motor, power and resolver cable sets?

    I mean, does the older servo motors will be accepted from the KSD1-32 servo driver, that I'll buy it additionally?


  • It should be possible, yes, but with some caveats. You'll need to keep KSDs together with motors -- for example, any KSD from A1-A3 should be compatible with the A1-A3 motors, but you can't use A4-A6 KSDs to drive the A1-A3 motors -- the sizes won't match.

    The bigger issue will be cables. On the robot, the servo power/brake cables are merged into a single bit Harting connector in the robot base. You won't have a cable to reach from the positioner motor directly back to the KRC.

    Likewise, you won't have a cable to go from the KSD to the motor connector. In the KRC, all the "drive" cables from all the KSDs are wired into a single Harting connector, so all 6 servos are "merged" onto a single cable (some big robots, like the KR500, use two cables due to amperage limits, but the same principle applies).

    The resolver cables from the motors to the RDW will work, but you could run into length issues -- the cables in the robot are a bit short. Usually we buy resolver cables from KUKA -- they have the circular resolver connector on both ends (male/female), and can be used to "extend" the RDW-connector cables.

    So, even using parts from another KRC/KR combo, you're still going to have to do some custom cabling at some point, or buy some cable kits from KUKA.

  • Hi everybody, does anyone have data sheet for tyco v23401-T2G14-D209 resolver for kuka robot motor. Searched though-out the internet but wasn't able to find any info about this specific resolver.

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