Fault on CP561DRV when creating a SSD for KRC2

  • Hi Experts,

    I need some help on a Kuka KR C2 with a damaged HD. The robot is setup as a Profibus Master for the EOAT and is a slave for the PLC.

    During startup this HD often gave us a fault saying the system Volume information was corrupted, probably one or more sectors on the HD gave a problem.

    So, instead of creating a new HD, I’m now using an SSD instead (as Kuka already did this already on other robots we have so it should work).

    I’ve purchased an SSD (from Kuka) and eventually was able to create the image the and install on the SSD.

    Now, the SSD itself seems to work but now I get faults 1033 & 1034 (Fault reading & writing, driver CP561DRV).

    I’ve already tried/checked following steps;

    • Performed a few Cold starts
    • IO Reconfiguration
    • Checked if drivers and pfbms.ini are present and not read-only

    Any more ideas or explanation why suddenly this profibus driver is giving me this issue?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Creating an image from defective hdd is not the best idea.

    May be you copied some damaged files.

    Imaging programs and OS are handling sporadic read errors on different ways, some try some more reads, some ignore them and read corrupted bytes.

  • Hi guys,

    We took a complete image of the original HD so all files where copied. I've combined iosys.ini and pbfms.ini into one file and uploaded this file (due to limitations).

    In an ideal situation, we would taken the image before the HD was damaged. This was however not the case for this robot.

    I might take an image from another KR C2 robot with more or less the same controller setup and then restore a backup from the original robot over it?pfbms_ini__iosys_ini.txt

  • So, in PFBMS.INI, this line:


    Defines the scanlist file that tells the PB card what Slave devices are connected, and what their addresses and parameters are. This is a binary file generated by Siemens NCM, so we can't examine its contents, but you should ensure that file is also in place, located in the INI directory.

    These lines:




    Show that PB logging is enabled, and to which file, but the language is set to German. I recommend changing the language to English, reboot the robot, then examine the contents of the log file. That should provide more detail regarding what's failing.

    Your IOSYS.INI also has at least one obvious bug. INB12 is assigned twice -- once to the PB Slave, and once to the PB Master.

  • I will definetly take a look at that. However the root-cause is found, a bad connection in de Profibus wire caused the problem. Once this was fixed, the faults where also gone.

    Thanks for supporting.

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