Turn off Multifunction Speed option

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    Aux. 0301 Speed is set up so I can change the speed data with absolute speed, motion time, and percentage of max speed. I would like to change this so all speeds are a percentage of max speed. The operation manual for my F series controller says that this is controlled by the Multifunction Speed option, but it does not say how to turn that option off. How do I turn this option off? Thanks!

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  • It is not enabled by default (from memory) and unless specifically requesting it at the time of order, should not have arrived with it enabled.

    Unless you have received some sort of ex-demo unit that hasn't been returned to a 'clean condition'.

    It's also possible that someone has had it enabled prior to you receiving it and may have actually paid for the option, so be turning it off, may cause a few questions too.

    So you should check the history of this first before looking at removing it first (IMHO).

    As Alexandru mentioned, this feature is for BLOCK programming only.

    By continuing using this option, it makes available the 'timed motion' speed (s) and more accurately the 'absolute' speed (mm/s).

    This option is by far more beneficial (IMHO) as in most cases you would set your 'air' moves to 100% in BLOCK programming and any 'specific work' speed, to the more accurate absolute speed value.

    You can still set the values to whatever you require.

    Back in the day, I always recommended this option where the user was going to be utilizing the BLOCK programming format as it gave more flexibility to the application.

    If they were using AS Language format instead, then all of the speed options are available to use/not use just by the code used when setting speed values within program code.

  • I was using BLOCK programming to do some testing before writing the actual program. I plan on writing the actual program in AS Language. Maybe my main gripe is that I just do not like the default values for the Multifunction Speed option. Speeds 8 and 9 were set to 10% and Speeds 0-5 were set to 250mm/s, so I confused and kind of pissed when I started stepping through my program and the speeds setting were reversed. I was hoping to turn the option off since I am use to having the option off.

    kwakisaki I am not aware of the robot being an ex-demo robot, and I got it straight from the manufacturer. I appreciate the insight on how to utilize this option. As I mentioned, I am not use to having this option on.

    Alexandru I was wondering if it was one of the OP_functions. Which function is it? My guess is "OP_MLTSPDSET ON -4925", but I did not want to turn off a random function without knowing for sure.

  • I plan on writing the actual program in AS Language.

    Then this option whether on/off will not be required.

    Speeds 8 and 9 were set to 10% and Speeds 0-5 were set to 250mm/s

    These are fully adjustable to suit your own requirements, then you just assign the relevant speed level in your BLOCK step when teaching or modifying the step.

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