• Does anyone know how to do u frames recovery for fanuc robots? I recently had a guy remaster 2 robots here and one fix but the other one everything shifter about 10mm from where it used to be and I don't know how to re teach u frames

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  • If it is off after mastering then either the mastering was wrong before or after. Verify that first. If mastering is good then simply touch up your user frame. User frames are usually taught using a pointer and the 3 point method.

  • I think the mastering was wrong because even tho I try to touch up my 3 points again (origin, x and y) still off by 20 or even more mm. And I'm not sure where to go from here. A professional came and did the job but I wasn't here so I'm not sure what he did wrong and I'm stuck here

  • After touching up user frame did you power off the machine and power it back on? the guy who set up our robots(not a robot guy by any means) would touchup user frames and then try his program and it was still off. than he'd come back the next day, after daily shut down, and things would be back to normal or more off depending on what he did, he didn't know you had to power off for his user frame touchups to save and actually change.

  • You don't have to power off for UF changes to take effect.

    Also, there could be other potential causes.

    1. Mastering

    2. UF changes

    3. UT changes

    4. Physical/mechanical changes or damage

    5. Program changes

    Use the process of elimination to find the cause, then fix it.

  • interesting, unfortunately I'm not sure beyond what was already mentioned as I myself am still pretty green when it comes to robots. I work on enough projects though in my spare time to know that sometimes the little things get missed. hope someone with more knowledge on here can be some help.

  • He did and I guess he coming back tomorrow to fix the mess. I'll get back with you guys and see what he did wrong just in case someone else has the same issue. Thanks for the help even tho I couldn't do much but it's appreciated

  • Its now been fixed, one of the axis was off. When he mastered he didn't notice but today when we had the robot at position ZERO that's when we saw it. All we did was aligned it and re master and robot is back and running.

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