Problems with old Kawasaki robot brakes

  • Goodmorning everyone,

    I wanted to ask you for help to fix my old Kawasaki robot type FA006E-B. The robot has problems with the parking brakes. When the cycle ends, they do not brake and the robot collides with the rotary table below.

    Can anyone help me on how to replace these brakes. The brakes in question are those for axle 3 and axle 4. There is some guidance on how to replace the brakes. Where can you buy such brakes?

    Thank you. I am a new member and I apologize if I have not respected the forum rules.

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  • Welcome to the forum.........:beerchug:

    The FA Robot series motors contain the brake assembly and is a non-repairable item as far as I'm aware.

    Therefore the complete motor assemblies require replacing in order to fix the brakes.

    I do not know personally if the motors can be disassembled in order to access the brake components and also if these components are available to be replaced as I've never looked into these that deeply.

    The complete arm itself is obsolete now, but I suspect the spares may still be available.

    Therefore the only advice I can offer is to either:

    1. Contact a local Kawasaki distributor for availability of spare motors.

    2. Locate a second user FA arm/FA Series motors to replace the existing faulty ones.

    Details I have on the motors are as follows:-

    JT3 Motor:

    Type: P50B07050DCX

    Power: 475 Watt

    Part No. 50601-1138

    JT4 Motor:

    Type: P50B05020DCX

    Power: 200 Watt

    Part No. 50601-1143

    I cannot offer a more permanent solution other than those options above.

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