KRC4 Setup Ethernet/IP

  • Robot: KRC4

    HMI Version: 8.3 B102

    Kernel System Version: V8.3.102

    I am attempting to configure a KRC4 Robot as a master to control a laser via an ethernet IP Fieldbus. This robot has been setup to perform this task with a different laser but I have not been able to connect it with this one.

    The laser's ethernet/IP fieldbus is connected to a switch in the Robot cabinet. The only other connection on the switch is to the KLI port on the Controller. This is the switch that the previous laser has been connected to. I get an error message saying "Timeout establishing connection to EIP Device XXX". I was able to look through the config XMLs and it appears that all of the information from the previous connection is still setup.

    Under network configuration-> Advanced options I see 4 configured interfaces virtual5(KLI), virtual6 (RSI), Virtual7(RSI), Virtual8. I have tested IP address that should work for all 4 of these settings.

    I just need any advice I can get trying to debug an EPIODriver.

    One note: In my various attempts to get this working I ran the Reconfigure function from the I/O Drivers menu. What does this function do and how bad of an idea was it?



    I found the diagnosis motitor and it appears to be running. Is there any way for me to verify that I am on the correct port

  • What is "Wov"

    The switch in the cabinet is Siemen's Scalence X208. The connection from the switch to the controller is labelled as "KLI"

    The Laser is using a ethernet IP Peripheral fieldbus. I have been adjusting the IP address of the peripheral fieldbus. I currently have it configured as IP address:, Subnet mask, Gateway I have also tried with the gateway set to "From EthernetIP- System".

    Please let me know what other information would be helpful.

  • WorkVisual is often referred to as WoV (shorter).

    Fieldbus configuration requires adapting WorkVisual Project. this includes configuring device, connection settings, mapping I/O...

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

    • Helpful

    Since KSS 8, WorkVisual is the only way to add, remove, or edit FieldBus connections. You will have to run WorkVisual on a computer connected to the robot's KLI (usually by connecting to a free port on the internal switch), pull the active project from the controller, make your edits, and Deploy the project back into the controller.

    Computer IP address must be compatible with the robot's KLI IP.

    You'll need to download the EDS file for the laser from the manufacturer and add it to the WoV catalog before adding it to the project.

    ProTip: Make a full backup of the robot first. Then, after pulling the active project into WoV, save it under a new name before making changes. Deploy under the new name. This makes it easy to "roll back" to the previous project if you have any issues. Once the new project is fully tested, you can always delete the unused projects from the robot.

  • Thank you for the Advice. I was able to identify the correct IP address to settings for the Laser Device to connect to the previously configured EPIO Driver. This was the exact screen I need to find to get the correct information

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