Fanuc Teach Pendant

  • Good afternoon, got a customer that removed a teach pendant while power up on a R-30iB PLUS. Now the E-stop from the controller can't be reset. What are the damage that this situation might include?

    Fuse2 keeps blowing up

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  • Hey Leaderfox,

    which e-stop ist triggered, controller or TP? Your customer could try to turn off the controller, replace the fuse and hit both e-stop buttons.

    After that he should turn on the power and then try to reset both e-stops when the controller is running.

  • Does unplugging teach pendant with power on actually do damage? I thought our guys may have done these hot swaps without too much problem. Usually there is a fuse you can swap on the board where teach pendant plugs up. You may have to swap the board out also. What is the exact fault you are getting? Make sure that the estop isn't pressed in on the new teach pendant, sometimes it's already pressed in once installed.

    Best thing to do as well would be to call Fanuc Robotics group directly and get there input also.

  • Normally, when I have a E-stop error, we have to reset the errer in the meu. Normal reset with the RESET button doesn't work.

    Menu -> 4 Alarm -> 1 Alarm Log -> F4 RES_1CH -> Then you get asked to "reset Single Channel fault?" Press YES (F4)

    That should help

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