Safety Output Signals

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    I am currently setting up the safety configuration for my KR C4 controller, and I have found within the SafeOperation manual the explanation of all of the safety outputs for various safety functions:

    $SR_ACTIVETOOL Number of the active safe tool
    $SR_AXISSPEED_OK Reduced axis acceleration exceeded
    $SR_CARTSPEED_OK Cartesian velocity exceeded
    $SR_DRIVES_ENABLE Enabling of the drives by the safety controller
    $SR_MOVE_ENABLE Enabling by the safety controller
    $SR_RANGE_ACTIVE[1] ... $SR_RANGE_ACTIVE[16] Active workspaces
    $SR_RANGE_OK[1] ... $SR_RANGE_OK[16] Workspace vioaltion state
    $SR_SAFEMON_ACTIVE State of safe monitoring
    $SR_SAFEOPSTOP_OK Violation of an externally activated operational stop
    $SR_SAFEREDSPEED_ACTIVE State of the monitoring of the reduced velocity

    However, how do I physically output these signals from the controller using digital I/O? For example, I want to receive a signal when $SR_SAFEREDSPEED_ACTIVE goes high; where are the pins located that output this signal, or which pins can i configure to output the signal? Any clarification is greatly appreciated.


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  • Depends. Do you have CIB safety, ProfiSafe, SIPSafe? One version supports a subset of these signals, output on a specific hardware connection at the KRC. The full set of signals is only supported over "network" safety.

  • Thank you for your response - I have CIB safety, so I am using the X13 connector interface to send the signals. I've attached the X13 output pinout; to my understanding, the alarm spaces correlate to the first six configurable keep-in zones, and the "Safe Monitoring Active" signal correlates to any of the safety functions being active (correct me if I'm wrong). Using CIB Safety, is there any way to output any other signals, such as those related to axis speed monitoring?


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    X11 and X13 functions are fixed as described in manuals. you cannot repurpose them to indicate something else. so if desired function or signal is not mentioned, it is not available. if it is available in Ethernet version of safety interface, then conversion would be needed to replace X11+X13 with safety PLC and suitable KUKA option (ProfiNet, EthernetIP or EL6695-1001).

    note, if you only want to notify PLC or something else of some safety I/O status, you would would need to create program that reads relevant variables and sends message or sets outputs that external node can see. however those would no longer be safety rated signals anymore.

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