TPS Error 18224 YRC1000 with Fronius TPS 400i

  • Keep having an issue at random times of a TPS error 18224 on both the robot pendant and fronius welding unit. No operators manuals for either the robot or the welding unit have offered any insight into the error code or what may be the cause of the problem. Any suggestions? Newer controls technician so be patient lol thank you in advance

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  • Can you take a picture of the Fronius control panel and robot pendant screen when this occurs?

    Fronius errors tend to be a combination of two or three symbols and letters followed by up to three numbers.

    Yaskawa alarms and errors are 4 numbers.

    Have you called Fronius support or your distributor?

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  • Thanks for the reply, I have no yet called Fronius Support. I'm just trying to troubleshoot on my own for now. I do know which External Input is holding the signal. When I turn the Fronius Unit off I get TPS: Error 6577 which says that I have hotH20 and I should cool down the cooling liquid. When I power the Fronius unit back on the comms signal I expect to have goes high, but eventually I get TPS Error 18224 and I lose my Comms signal with the Fronius unit. I have not seen any symbols or letters in any of my error statuses so far on the Fronius unit, it also only gave me Error 18224 when it loses comms with the robot.

  • I encountered this same issue. Apparently, when the welder cup and weld wire are touching the part at the same time, you will get this error. 18224 is an error message resulting from continuity between the weld cup and the weld wire.

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