Kawasaki Robot User Error

  • Hello Guys,

    I am monitoring the information from sensors attached to the Gripper of CP180L Robot with 30E03E-AC01 controller.

    I want when the information from the sensor doesn't match predefined criteria the controller to "throw" user error.

    How can I write user errors and how to force the robot to "throw" this error.

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  • There are two sensors that are mounted on the pneumatic cylinder on the gripper. The sensors have three positions:

    1) When Gripper is Open Signal 1 is ON and Signal 2 is ON;
    2) When Gripper is Closed and has gripped part Signal 1 is OFF and Signal 2 is OFF;

    3) When Gripper is Closed but without part Signal 1 is ON and Signal 2 is OFF.

    I want in the third case the situation to be like:

    If SIG(1001) AND SIG(-1002) THEN

    PRINT 0: "There is no part in the gripper"



  • For that one you need to create an autostart program and it will monitor the sensor status. Do you know how to activate an autostart program?

    for example it will be something like this:

    .PROGRAM sensorcheck()

    $msg1 = "Message 1: "


    If SIG(1001) AND SIG(-1002) THEN

    .$msg1 = "There is no part in the gripper."



    .$mg1 = ""


    IFPWPRINT 1,1,1,6,10=$msg1+.$msg1

    TWAIT 0.1

    GOTO loop


    MC HOLD it will cut off the CYCLE START from the robot, if you want to turn off the motors, you need to add MC ZPOWER OFF.

    Do you know how to use the interface panel and display strings?

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