Roboguide: CAD to path on fixture / Easy way to align part with fixture

  • My issue is the following: I received a step file from our corporate office for a part for which I have to program a fairly complex part. For whatever reason our corporate engineers like to have the origin of the part way away from the actual part and they love making sure that the axis of the CAD part does not align with any physical features of the part.

    My usual work flow is to import the part as a fixture, calibrate it with how the part will be presented in the real world, add a part to the roboguide fixture, align that by hand with the fixture, and then do my cad to path. This is fairly labor intensive, Is there a better way?

  • Do you have access to the CAD software? If so you could open it up, redefine the origin, and save a copy. Maybe you can request your engineers to do that.

    When the origin is "way far away" it usually means they saved the part with the overall assembly origin and not the individual part origin.

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