D2074 Progam has been cancelled due to unexpected termination

  • Hai ,

    Can u pls explain why this D2074 issue is coming in E controller.

    If controller is turn off condition & Turning On then this issue is coming

    In trouble shooting manual - explanation is not given.

    Error is resetting but required to know why this issue is coming

    Please explain me :/

  • AD
  • No idea.........:hmmm:

    Without knowing anything about what you are doing, we would be guessing.

    From experience this error can occur when you power the controller off during a file save operation or possibly if the CF Card is damaged.

    See the attached code explanation.

  • I've only seen this error twice. It was a corrupted CF card and was on an old D controller. ( like nearly 20 years old)

    And once on an E Controller with and RD80 (5 axis), think from memory it was due to a singularity and playing with FSPAL and CONF_VARIABLE. (Modes that changes interpolation of the 5th axis and dealing with singularities)

    I put the settings back to known good settings for my application and the problem was resolved.

    So the question is, what happened lately leading up to this error? Has anyone been making any changes?

    Do you have a backup? Can you take a current save and compare to the backup to see what changes have been made? What program do you currently have selected in the motion program? Also what type of robot do you have?

  • ShAdOwDrAgOnS

    Never seen this on D Controller, that only uses CF card as an external medium.

    Could you elaborate on that a little, I'd be interested to hear further details?


    I would contact Kawasaki if this is occurring like you say.

    What is the current AS Firmware level?

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