How to limit The angle when using Bloob locator

  • Hello, everyone.

    Before making this thread, I tried to search in the search box and seems there is no same topic discuss this item.

    I have an application that must pick the part, the part is square and white in color it's placing above the black conveyor, the position of the workpiece in the conveyor is a portrait and align with conveyor movement let's says the degree is 0. I use Bloob Locator Tool to detect the part and give an offset to the robot, the robot working's fine so far. Then sometimes we have a landscape part input in the conveyor that makes the part turn 90 degrees we all know this happens in Bloob, the maximum degree is only -90 to 90. The part that has 90-degree rotation gives the robot a problem due to the hose and flange issue. So my concern is to limit the rotation of the angle in Bloob Locator Tool. Is there anybody do this before? limiting the angle in Bloob,

    For example, the part will not detect if the angle exceeds -30 or 30 degrees. I tried to use the Conditional Execution tool, but I lost the way and still can't find a way to limit the rotation. I need any insight, suggestion, or your clever experience through this problem, any kind of discussion will be please on this thread.

    thank before,

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  • Hello HawkME
    Thank you for your response.

    Update: I've Finished the trial and apply the logic to the actual robot in production, and there is no problem so far.

    What I'm doing to limit the degrees of the workpiece in Bloob Locator is adding a Conditional tool and invalidate if the part is exceeded the degree that we set.

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