FROM and SRAM backup files from IMAGE

  • We have an M2iA/3AL delta with a R30iB Mate controller with an issue. Recently due to EOAT sensor shorts, the controller went through repeated restart boot cycles. This caused the controller to get stuck at bootup with a blank screen at the pendant. Issue is there were several changes made recently without proper backups. We are able to recover with an older image backup. Here are my questions.

    • Is it possible to take the SRAMXX.IMG files from the current (corrupted) backup and dump into an old image backup and try restoring? (Merge current SRAM files with old FROM files)
    • Will this help recover the most recent TP programs and files?
    • Will this cause issues such as "bricking" or damaging the controller preventing further restores?
    • Are there any tricks available to recover the lost files? HELP!!!
  • AD
  • You can't directly edit .IMG files as they are binary files. You can mount them onto a drive and edit the files therein, and then create a new .IMG file from that drive. I cannot answer your other questions, unfortunately.

  • I believe you could try "moving" files on a computer from one backup to another, and try to restore it. I've never done this, so I'm not sure what the results would be. (IE Moving the SRAM00.IMG and SRAM01.IMG from Folder X to Folder Y).

    As far as I have ever done though, you either restore an entire image, or you restore just the files from "All of Above Backup". Force of habit - before doing any "major" program changes (logic, variable, math changes) I always do an image backup. If I'm just doing program positions/touchups I'll just do an "All of Above" backup. WELL WORTH the extra 5-10 minutes of your time.

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