Customer Crashing Robot After Jogging it Out of Position

  • KRC4

    KSS 8.5.8

    One of my machines i have a customer that is being a little too hands on and moving the robot for some reason. They clumsy restart the machine without resetting or exiting the program and this has caused them to crash multiple times . I would like to implement the $On_Path tool that if it is false it wont let the program run or continue in the present program until it is true. I'm a little lost on how to implement something like this so if there is an example i could look at that would help greatly.

  • Code
    DEF RobotManualMoved ()
        bRobotJogged= TRUE ; set to true when someone moved in Teach mode
        bRobotJogged= FALSE ; Reset when robot is in Home position

    Call RobotManualMoved () in sps.sub

    Depending on the structure of your program, if you properly defined it in the main program such that the robot should first be moved back Home after someone has switched to Teach Mode and jogged the robot then using the above variable $IN_HOME to reset bRobotJogged should do it. Otherwise the variable should be reset in a suitable and safe location in the program where the robot can then be started in automatic.

    $IN_HOME is set to True when XHOME is completed (with the condition $H_POS=XHOME)

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