Where to Learn iRvision and Line Tracking

  • Where would you go to learn more about iRvision 2D and Line Tracking. I cannot find much online about how to program this or even set it up. The manuals are not easy to read, at least I am having a hard time understanding.


  • If you have Roboguide, you can try some of the tutorials for vision and line tracking. Fanuc does a pretty good job with the tutorials. You can even connect a real camera to Roboguide and experiment with vision setup. There are some threads in this forum that cover camera connection.

    The search function under the Roboguide help menu doesn't work very well in my experience.

  • Yes, it's not easy. The manuals (plural) cover a million thing that you are not going to need for your particular application.

    Are you using iRPicktool or you are trying to put the twospftwares together yourself ?

    Yes, I am using iRPickTool. And yes, I'm trying to learn how they work together but the way the integrator put our cell together was horrible and I don't know enough to make changes due to not understanding the vision and line tracking well. I do know that we are using a template that fanuc provides for line tracking, but again, it makes absolutely no sense.

    I wish I had an extra camera I could play with and hook up to my laptop. I do have roboguide. I'm still new to that as well.

  • Describe your systems

    How many robots, how many cameras, etc, show me a picture of your setup.

    I'm not in the shop on Friday but for sure I can help you on Monday

    I'll be glad to show you some pictures. Tomorrow when I go in to work I'll grab a few and give you a little more details on it. The manuals aren't making a lot of sense either. I, for the life of me, can't find this template either for line tracking. But I'll get more info tomorrow.

    That works, Monday. It's not a rush thing. I'm just trying to better myself so we can make changes and make the cell better.

  • Describe your systems

    How many robots, how many cameras, etc, show me a picture of your setup.

    I'm not in the shop on Friday but for sure I can help you on Monday

    Here is a picture I got of our cell. the part comes in on the conveyor where the light is. Theres a iRvision camera above where it tracks the part and then it comes in and stops and then the robot goes and grabs it. (line tracking isnt working that well since its stopping to grab the part) We use PK_CV_PICK11 program to acually move to grab the part. I guess my biggest question is, from my understanding is that this is a template program for line tracking. Where can I learn this at? I have programs called CALL PKCSCHKPOS(CStn ID=R[110:Pklx StnId] and must more. I dont know where to go to learn this kind of stuff. We have 2 robots that pick off this conveyor. Other one is on the other side. These poor robots are used and abused with the pathing even. Nothing is setup properly.

    I wanna learn how line tracking, iRvision, and iRPickTool work together to get a part and if i update a position how would that effect my pickup. Recently I had to zero master, calibrate this robot. On one of the parts that it picks it will try to go down and pick but before it goes to the part, i get a position config change. I know something is off but how do I go about figuring out what has slightly changed? This is where I get confused as well.

    Thanks for all your help and anyone who offers suggestions.

  • Hi

    IrPicktool consist in many programs. Some are accessible to you, some not.

    Programs like PKCSCHKPOS(CStn ID=R[110:Pklx StnId] are macro. You can not modify them but you can you jump over tthem, I strongly recommend to avoid that

    Programs like PK_CV_PICK11 are just TP programs. You can modify them if you know what you are doing

    Do yo have any manuals ?

    When you see this page, is your setup similar, do you understand each item?

    Where do yo place the parts ?

    Retired but still helping

  • I an get to that screen yes. I'd have to review that screen myself more. I don't ever need to be in that screen since I'm not really an integrator or anything. So I rarely get to do these things. But I see you said they are macros, but how do you know what to put into the parameters? Is there any info on this? Or is that just always what's being passed into those macros? And I don't adjust the program PK_CV_Pick11. I was using it as an example of what it's running. They have a ton of PC programs that I don't understand that it runs in the main program. I do have CRC so I can get all the manuals. I have a bunch of them but as I read it sometimes I'm so lost I need guidance or a hands on test to see how it functions together. If any of this makes sense.

  • Hi

    " how do you know what to put into the parameters?" you don't know , the software does it automatically based on the vision and the screen that I showed you

    Yes, they have a lot of programs, for example for circular conveyor that you don't need

    You have to understand the screen that I send you to be able to understand how the software reacts

    This is a simple way to look at the MAIN_PK program

    1 PK_INIT Initialize all variables

    2 LBL 100

    3 PK_PICK1 calls PK_PICK_11 Uses PR[57]

    4 PK_DROP1 calls PK_DROP_11 Uses PR[63]

    5 JUMP LBL 100

    "since I'm not really an integrator or anything'

    So, what is your interest, this is a high level software. Requires a good understanding of Fanuc principles.

    I can help you, but you have to be more specific

    Retired but still helping

  • First of all you said you don't know anything and you want to learn.

    Okay so first step I recommend is to sign up on my.fanuc.eu and get acces to manuals you need. You have to wait some time for acceptation, before an acceptation you can only watch commercial stuff.

    I forgot - you need to find out things that you need - like iRVision, iRPickTool, etc. (And your robot manual too)

    Next go search for some tutorials of basics. There aren't any advanced things for being more proffesional, unfortunately. I can recommend channels like Adam Willea, Timothy Mehring and Fanuc (but fanuc doesn't have much). Some Indians have "tutorials" for more advanced things like line tracking, rail movement and more. But be aware that Timothy does everything slow and usually first 10 minutes of video is always same setup.

    I recommend you downloading RoboGuide for learning and also for programming your current robots.

    Also you can avoid mistakes and collisions.

    Later find out about calibration of robots and all the setups you have to do.

    Then it's time to read those manuals that you have and those downloaded. Now you can in roboguide have fun with settings, setups and more. That will help you understanding how does it actually work.

    It's not a piece of cake

  • That helps actually. If its just a standard build based off that screen you were showing then it would make it easier to learn the screen more and hopefully the rest will follow more. I do recognize that this is a higher level programming. I would say I'm in the beginner / intermediate stage of programming fanuc.

    The main reason I want to learn more and more and such high level applications is just for the fact that when we have integrators in our building I can help support and guide into making our cells better. Currently our cell I showed you is in horrible shape. Payloads, EOAT, Pathing, the space the robot has to move in, is all not good. We have so many things in the cell and such a small confined space. The 710iC 50kg robot has a 50kg EOAT even. nothing is setup properly. and of course... we are running at max speed at every point almost.

    Its hard for me to be more specific when I don't know the right questions to ask. It is just trial and error and see how all this comes together. I love fanuc and I absolutely enjoy programming them. Since our cell is getting ready for the next product so its getting reprogrammed somewhat.

    I do apricate your response. Hopefully my company will pay for training for me. Theres talk even about building our own cell in house and that would require me knowing a little more even. Which I know I could do it. Just would take a little time and some manual reading still.

  • I do have CRC and can get the manuals, I have most of them that I need. reading them isnt as easy as most of the manual I do not use. I do have roboguide and I do use that to the best I can. I'm still learning that software. It's a lot to learn by being self taught. I learned all my programming mostly by reading the manuals and just seeing a few different cells from over the last 2 years or so.

    I know my goals are high, but I wanna be better in every area that is Fanuc. :)

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