PickMaster v3 questions

  • Hi

    I just did a search in the forum and I found only 6 or 7 threads on the subject. None of them helped me

    I would like to know if some of you are using it so I can ask some questions.

    I already have installed and running (ABB did everything for me). They are gone, so I decide to "reverse engineering" what they did.

    For example

    How do I modify a line, lets say in the PickPlaceSeq.prg ? Do I use Robotstudio, do I use PM and load a program from a backup ? etc,etc

    Retired but still helping

  • Fabian,

    By modifying a line, I'm assuming you are referring to modifying a robot move?

  • Hi Rodolfo

    When ABB was doing changes in the program, he was doing it first on robotstudio, checking for errors and then he was copying the changes to the pickmaster program and saving it.

    I understand the concept,

    Without destroying what he did I'm trying to do something very simple like adding a comment. A comment won't hurt the program

    so I added

    ! test line from robotstudio obviously on the robot studio program

    and I added a line

    ! test line from pickmaster

    I did this to see who saves on top of who to help me on more conclusions.

    I did that on Wednesday and I'm not in the shop until Monday so right now I can not give you details

    Retired but still helping

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