Unit Loads Gone

  • Hello All. I've got a strange issue I have never seen before. I am thinking of reloading software and see where that gets me, but thought I'd ask here in case anyone has seen this before.

    Controller: R30iB

    Mechanical Unit: M410 500

    Software Version: 8.xx

    The issue is all of my unit loads have disappeared from the teach pendant. I also checked the optimal path to see if it was just a screen issue, and there are no unit load data in there either. Here is the strange thing, the machine runs just fine. They can even change jobs with no issues. Jobs and unit loads to run are done via the PLC.

    Any suggestions?

  • I would take a new image backup first then restore your next most recent one to see if it fixes the issue.

    I'm not sure what would cause the behavior, I try to avoid using PalletTool.

    Thank you for the reply. Sorry for the late response.

    I don't disagree with not using PalletTool, but we use it a lot.

    I was hoping to find a reason as to why. My thoughts were to restore from the previous image as well and see what happens.

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