Lenght of blob objects

  • Hi

    I got problem - I can find lenght of taught model in GPM, there is no problem with that, but i want to find lenghts of different sized parts. They gonna be random so GPM doesn't work here anymore so I use blob to find parts and it works fine.

    The problem is I can't set it up to work. I have tried many, many things that I can change in setup but it doesn't work good. It works somehow, like it finds edges of only some of parts, in invalid order and so on.

    In the photo (attachment) you can see on the left I used GPM and it works for taught model (what is useless because I know the size of taught model).
    On the right I used blob that finds every part but doesn't find edges at all.

    Parameters are just for example

    I do it on my own purpose to robotize one important process in the future

    Can somebody help me?
    Maybe there is different way to find the random-sized part and then find the lenght. Measurement doesn't have to be accurate.

  • AD
  • You could use the blob tool and a measurement output tool to get the semi major axis value.

    Select the blob tool and then click the + symbol to add a sub tool. Select measurement output tool.

    In your TP program use the VR[].MES[] instruction to get the measurement value.

  • Thank you very much!!

    It actually worked perfect, but I would like to get a result from arithmetic calculation tool instead from measurement tool, because I have to make simple calculation (I know I can do it on techpendant but I would like to know how to use this).

    How can I obtain this result?

    I attach a screenshot

    Thank you for your help

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  • Select the Measurement Output Tool. Click the white down arrow at the top of the screen until it moves below your arithmetic calculation tools. Now you will be able to select the result from arithmetic calculation tool as the output of the Measurement Output Tool.

    Basically the measurement output tool only lets you select from tools that are "above" it in the tree.

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