IRB 1600 IRC5, connection with PLC

  • Hello,

    I got an used arc welding cell and have to modify it for our own production.

    At current configuration, plc is declared as master and IRC5 as a slave. From HMI is possible to start / stop, follow logs, chose auto / manual mode, chose program and so on.

    Considering habits at our plant, we want to disconnect plc, and use IRC5 on same way as other 3 robots at our plant - using teach pendant for steering the robot.

    Robot, beside others, have two tasks, task 0 and task 1, if I'm right, only for communication with plc.

    Now, how to remove remote mode for the robot and start to use it in local. We has to keep communication with welding power sources and other auxiliary equipment as well.

    Backup file enclosed.



  • AD
  • Hello,

    I want to overtake full control by robot controller. PLC has to be skipped, at final stage disconnected.

    Also, safety signals will be connected on the panel board. Herewith, all safety features related to plc will be also skipped.

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