How to log when "cancel waiting" has been pressed to bypass steps?

  • Is there a dedicated signal for the "cancel waiting" button? I would like to keep a log of at least the last 3 times that a step in the program has been bypassed. I have S+ and T controllers. (Toyota Paint Robots, with UTP's)

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    I don't know of any dedicated signal available for this.

    However, operational logs are kept by default within the Controller, although S and T Controllers may have different levels of logging.

    In T Controller if you enter Aux 070303, this will take you to the command logging page.

    Here is displayed recent activity and if there is a 'Cancel Wait' event applicable to a SWAIT or WAIT command it will be displayed here along with other command logging events.

    Not sure if this level is available in the S Controller, you would have to check.

    Otherwise (IMHO) you could add an unused internal signal to the SWAIT command or a true/false/0/1 variable if it is a WAIT command and set a monitoring function in a background (PC Task) to monitor if this was executed/skipped, reset the signal/true/false variable and maybe store the date/time within a string variable.

    There are other ways to circumvent SWAIT/WAIT commands though so without actually monitoring for 'a state change of something' on the specific step, you would not really be able to see if the SWAIT/WAIT was skipped.

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