ABB s4 Error: 50050 IRB joint 2 is outside working Area

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with a robot and I can not solve the problem.

    A few weeks ago, a welding robot stopped in the middle of a task (no errors).

    After this, the operators had to restart the system.

    At startup, TCP failed about 20mm.

    An old backup was loaded, then the system did not want to boot at all.

    There was only a flashing dot on the display.

    A company came to initiate the system, and after that it was possible to load backups.

    But TCP is still wrong.

    Tried to create new TCP using the 4 point method.

    But after that error 50050 occurs.

    Would appreciate if anyone in this forum can help me.


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  • Move the robot to the rev counter alignment marks. Check that the jog window indicates all zeros. If it is off by quite a bit, you should check your calibration offsets. Make sure that they are correct. Then you might need to update the rev counter. If any of those things are wrong, that would explain why you cannot get a good tcp.

  • Verify axis 2 limits. If the robot has the default axis limits, then they should be a few degrees from the axis 2 hard stops.

    If it's an issue, then check the parameter values for axis 2 Upper and Lower joint boundaries. Remember the values are in radians.

    For the 20mm difference, check the fine calibration numbers. Values less than 0.3 and over 6.0 can easily cause a shift when setting the rev. counters. Move the robot to zero position and recheck marks.

    If this is a 6400, axis 1 cal plate seems bent on many of them, also causing the rev. counter guessing game.

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