CALL SETWP() - passing welding parameters

  • Hello,

    does anyone something more about calling program which is stealth, can't be find in list of programs, macros. Or system variable.

    This call passing welding parameters, but which?

    CALL SETWP(6,1,4,5,.5,0,20,20,.5,0,20,5,.5,0,20,.1,20)

    6 - Procedure

    1 - Schedule


  • AD
  • This is probably KAREL program that someone made it.

    Go to DATA > Weld Procedures and observe which parameters change ...

    Exactly. In roboguide, I saw SETWP among the variables, so I started thinking in the wrong direction. I was later suggested that it could be the Karel program. And unfortunately with a bug.

    Since the voltage is defined in the range 5-55 V, speed of 0.5-25 m / min, ... 17 parameters are forwarded, of which the first three are OK,

    CALL SETWP(6,1,4,5,.5,0,20,20,.5,0,20,5,.5,0,20,.1,20)

    1. parameter - 6 - Weld Procedure

    2. parameter - 1 - Schedule

    3. parameter - 4 - Heat wave mode (1 - None, 2 - Step with weaving, 3 Ramp with weaving, 4 - Pulse (no weaving))

    the other 14 can be forwarded only if the value is in the range of 0 -0.99, values equal to 1 and greater in the desired Schedule will set the value to 0.00. Unfortunately, the developer is not in the mood to share buggy code.

    That 14 parameters depending on the 3rd parameter will change values in Schedules.

    Thank you for your interest. If I draw something useful on this issue, I will share it with you. Greeting.

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