• Hello everyone !

    I have a question about the vision FANUC. My robot comes to look for parts found on a conveyor but I would like to put my parts in different places based on the threshold. I don't know how to do this because if I modify the threshold in the GPM locator, the parts are just no longer detected

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you

  • I don't know what threshold you want to look at, but in your vision process you can do a measurement output

    Then in your code, after GET OFFSET, you can put that data in a register,

    and make a decision based on your data. below I was looking at the angle returned

  • You could create multiple Blob tools. In the blob tools, use a double threshold and set the range to only include the objects that you want this tool to find. Set a unique model id in each blob tool. The model id is accessible in the vision register that is returned when you call RUN_FIND.

  • What do you mean by threshold? Do you mean different parts or maybe random sized parts?

    If first, you just simply configure part number one (play with settings) and then add second GPM locator tool (but do not create it in series, create it in parrarel).

    I mean it should look like this

    Not like this

    If second one - its more advanced

  • I meant the score. I detect round parts of the same size but which may have deformations. I used only one GPM for my reference part and I check against the score if the part is good with a Measurement output.

  • Try conditional execution tool, it should give you results that you want. Maybe if it would work - you can try using two GPMs with setting parameters for invalid parts. But try first option first.

    I haven't found any tutorials with more advanced things with fanuc, if you have, please post it somewhere in fanuc category.

    Share what you have done if it will succeed

    Hope it helped

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