Change and optimize the KUKA BAS.SRC Parameters

  • Hello all

    Question from KUKA KRC4 KSS 8.3.

    I was wondering if we can adapt and modify (or if someone already experimented it) the KUKA constants in the config.dat which is directly linked with the BAS.SRC file.

    Parameters like cp velocity, swivel velocity, acceleration and jerk.

    Before changing it, the first question that came to my mind is the load on TCP and load on the arm 3. Modifying these parameters, I assume would certainly have an impact on the movement and the path followed. However, with load on TCP to the maximum allowable load for the specific robot, would make the robot work in its 101% and would impact the life of drives and other components.

    Do we have any tool, that can calculate the max allowable value for the above said parameters or materials which can guide over this topic.


  • In $config.dat you can do whatever you like. Important limitations are part of $machine.dat. If you exceed the machine.dat values you will get error messages when running your programs.

    Determining optimal values usually depends on specific tasks and therefore this part of your question is difficult to answer in general. Kuka predetermined values are a compromise between system availability, accuracy and performance.

    For example if your load data violates kuka specification your robot will get (due to the inbuilt dynamic model) slower and slower the more kuka specification is violated. Finally you will reach a state where the robot does not move at all because it will no longer be able to produce enough torque to hold this load.

    If you want to check out specific load data you can use KUKA.Load package. This package is free of charge and can be downloaded from KUKA.


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