IrVision 2d Cognex

  • Hey you guys thanks for taking the time to read through my thread, so im working on a Fanuc m710 with IrVision 2d Camera is Cognex and the process is quite straight forward, the part rack is unloaded by forklift from heat treat, and placed onto a load station (shop floor) , the robot then swings over above the heat treated rack takes a photo of the rack, to capture offsets for placement of the part onto the heat treated rack, as this process continues the now heat treated racks are darker in contrast then the intitial taught vision process, which makes for not so great offsets

    is there ANYONE with ANY knowledge on these types of Applications that can share thoughts and ideas

    yours truly, Typical Robot Guy:!:X/:rolleyes:

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  • Hi

    Do you actually have a Cognex camera with IRVision ? I didn't know you can do that

    In your process, I'm a bit confused. Seems to me that you taught a part when is "cold" and after the heat treated process the part changes colours and vision can't see it

    Can you created more vision processes with different exposures and the use them accordingly ? Also there is an option on iRVision that changes the exposure automatically on the SNAP tool


  • This is odd. Typically you either have iRvision, or Cognex, not both. I know you can use GigE 3rd party cameras with iRvision, but that is pretty rare, as you typically buy iRvision as a package, camera included.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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