KRC2 DSE-RDW not showing

  • Saludos a todos, les comento que tengo un problema en un kuka kr6 krc2 para labores de manipulación, intento moverlo en T1 y habilitar una rutina en T2 y me marca error 200 Drivers contactor OFF, y cuando me dirijo a Setup>Servicios>DSE-RDW para verificar estado y masterización, esta opción no me aparece, asi mismo, cuando intento realizar un estándar de masterización, me aparece "No Axes to Master".... También revise el estado del cable X21-X31, checando continuidad de cada pin y estado en general y todo bien. cual puede ser mi problema, la tarjeta RDW estará dañada?

    Greetings to all, I mention that I have a problem in a kuka kr6 krc2, I try to move it in T1 and enable a test routine in T2 and it shows me an error: 200 Drivers contactor OFF, and when I go to Setup> Services> DSE -RDW to verify status and mastering, this option doesn't appear to me, likewise, when I try to perform a mastering standard, I get "No Axes to Master" .... Also I check the condition of the X21-X31 cable, checking continuity of each pin and general condition and everything is fine. what could be my problem, the RDW card is damaged?:confused_face:

  • what did you try exactly?

    robot cannot move without power, in manual modes user must hold enabling switch in mid position.

    also there can be no tripped safety devices (EStop for example).

    check pinned topic READ FIRST.

    when taking screenshots, cover entire display. read all messages. state KSS version.

    some menu entries are not accessible until user logs in.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Panic Mode, It's a pleasure to greet you, as I have learned a lot from your previous responses in other posts (sorry for my bad english, i try to be very clear).. Im new in KRC2, and when a try to execute a program in auto mode (T2) tha program doesn't run, in another post about the same situation, I discovered that you have to disable the signal to the plc $Move_Eneable in a External Mode, cause my robot (my job) works together with two injection machines with a CompaqLogix PLC... then of this, i read that maybe could be necesary to change de Bios Battery of the MotherBoard cause this could cause that some calibration records get lost ... i check it and the battery was under voltage (2.2 Volts).. then i change it but now, my KCP and CPU doesn't work. (The Led 1 in the Card in front of MFC Card is off) I read a post about the problem with the capacitors, and in fact! I discovered bad capacitors. ..unfortunately i haved had bad lucky with this controller :confused_face: I am thinking of removing this card and checking them one by one. I hope to be fine.

  • you are welcome.

    note that T1 and T2 are manual modes

    EXT and AUT are auto modes.

    when you replaced battery, CMOS RAM settings are corrupted. this also means that usually motherboard does not boot any more.

    to fix this you need to force power on by placing jumper across "power-on" header.

    with this motherboard should boot and you need to get into BIOS to load KUKA default settings. one of those settings is to start automatically as soon as power is present, then you can remove jumper.

    several of the capacitors are dead. capacitors are cheap, i would suggest to not bother checking them - just replace each of them with new ones... even ones that look ok.

    for this i would recommend to make sure to have someone experienced in this type of repair because. motherboards are multilayer boards. in terms of thermal behavior they act as a single coper sheet so soldering requires plenty of heat but not too much to burn components. some people have tried pulling components while solder is just starting to melt but did not finish all the way through the board. doing something like this tends to cause irreparable damage PCB as internal connections that cannot be reached are torn...

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  • Hola Panic Mode, ... mi question is, where i place the jumper??.. I read abouth the same case in another post, hier in the forum, but de pdf with the Motherboard description is not the same that my board, in my case i have a Soyo SY 7VBA133, and i would think that the procedure can be the same in my case, is correct?... I'm googling in this moment and i found the description abouth my card. hier is where i need to install the jumper?

  • it is power button (PWRBT). connecting signal the GND activates the input.

    this us just to kickstart powerup of the motherboard. when you enter BIOS you can restore random CMOS setting to organized order. CMOS settings only affect motherboard hardware such as:

    - power by button or automatically

    - enable or disable USB support

    - allow memory hole above 640k

    - memory timing configuration

    - enable memory test (on boot do a quick test or slow but detailed test)

    - hardware interrupt settings

    - hardware detection settings

    - etc. (there are many such settings).

    collectively they can be set to "factory defaults". this is either replaced or supplemented by "KUKA defaults". you want KUKA defaults.

    CMOS settings have no effect on HDD content. this means you do not loose any programs but ... with wrong settings motherboard may not even boot correctly or PC may not operate at all. this is why one need to load default settings - that sets all parameters to safe initial values. you may then change on or two things that you need but all other things are set to safe values.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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