KUKA Robot Arm Extension Setup

  • Hello,

    I want to add an arm extension to my KUKA KR360 (with KRC2 controller) to extend the reach of my robot, and I want to know how to configure this on the software so the robot recognizes the new extension.

    Also, is there a manual for installing an arm extension?

  • You only have to change the machine data $robcor.dat and r1

    /$machine.dat to the version including the arm extension

    Is your robot equipped with absolute accuracy? In this case your pid file no longer fits. This can only be updated by KUKA. Do you need to reach similar accuracy as before?

  • I have a second hand 20 cm extension (L280) that I want to install. I checked the $robcor.dat and r1/$machine.dat of an identical robot with the same extension installed but I can't seem to find any mention in them of the dimension change in the robot. Is it enough to just replace my original files with those of the second robot? I'm also trying to find a manual for this operation but there doesn't seem to be any available.

  • Should be in the D: drive of the robot, possibly in a directory called ALLMADA. But there should be a directory that lists different KRC versions, and each KRC a list of robot models, and under each model a directory for Ceiling, Floor, and other variants.

    You'll have to pick carefully, though -- there's the KR360, the KR-360_2, and the KR350, which IIRC was a variant of the KR360, but I can't recall the specific difference.

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