IRC5 Safe & Non-Safe Internal E/IP Adapter IO Setup Issues On New RW!!!

  • Hello!!!

    I'm having an issue that seems as if it should be really common, but ABB support seems to be having a lot of trouble coming up with a solution for me. Maybe someone hear has dealt with this...

    I am commissioning a newer IRC5 (RW6.12) to replace a only slightly older IRC5 running (RW6.07). I believe I have the correct options, EI/P Scanner/Adapter and CIP Safety Adapter. All communication (Safe and Standard) is to be over Ethernet/IP talking to an L33-ERMS safety plc. I am able to communicate with the plc just fine either by creating a safety internal device (EN_Internal_Device_Safe) or a standard internal device (EN_Internal_Device) and using either the generic standard or the generic safety modules in Logix. But, obviously I need both (for basic cell control and for safemove stuff). On the robot it is replacing I am able to create 2 internal devices which communicate with the generic standard-safe module, however... and this is what screws me up, apparently on RW6.08 and beyond you are limited to only 1 internal device on the controller.

    While ABB seems to have no idea how to fix this, I can not believe that I'm the only person to come across this problem. Maybe there is a safety/standard internal device template/eds that I could add to the system? Maybe there's a nifty way to modify a cfg file so that two are permitted or that creates a safe/non-safe internal device.

    One option I tried but couldn't make work was to downgrade to RW6.07, however for some reason my controller wouldn't let me take it below 6.08.

    Hopefully someone a lil more smarter than me has already come up with this and I'm just the first goober to ask the question.

    As a long-time lurker I really appreciate this site and have my fingers crossed that one of y'all might know something.


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  • Well... while waiting for a response to my problem from ABB I figured out a way to make it work. In case someone else has a similar issue I will put up the basic process here for posterity:

    1) Create the standard IO device as shown in ABB manual "RW6.0 841-1 EtherNetIP ScannerAdapter_SlaveToPLC". First with this I set up a standard IO module in the PLC and verified that I had a connection. In my case this was 64 SINTs both I and O using assembly instructions in manual. This may require deleting the safety internal device that came with the robot, created by safemove, since 2 internal devices are not allowed.

    2) Once created, I made a backup of the controller to modify (of course make 2 backups, 1 for changing and 1 for just-in-case)

    3) In SYSPAR>EIO.cfg go to the Internal device section of the code and modify the name to be EN_Internal_Device_Safe (as this matches what was set in the safemove IO config) and add a "safety enabled" to the end. Below are the before and after



    -Name "EN_Internal_Device" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\

    -ProductName "EtherNet/IP Internal Adapter Device" -OutputSize 64\

    -InputSize 64




    -Name "EN_Internal_Device_Safe" -VendorName "ABB Robotics"\

    -ProductName "EtherNet/IP Internal Adapter Device" -OutputSize 64\

    -InputSize 64 -SafetyEnabled


    4) Save file and restore controller from the new backup. This allowed me to use the Standard-Safe Ethernet module (using the ABB assembly instances in the documentation) in RSLogix giving me both standard and safe IO.

    Good Luck!!!

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